Tuesday, 14 November 2017

my writing sample on referees cant always make the right call

Were in a game of basketball and were tied 27 27 the ref calls a foul but there was no foul then they got their 2 free throws in witch made it 29 27 then we dribbled down the court and my team mate got fouled and he took his free throws and he missed both but then miko got his own rebounds and then got fouled again then had another 2 shots and missed both of them. And this all happened because of one bad call.

In a game of league it was our game before the quarter finals even though we were already losing one of the other team's player through the ball like a meter forward and the they scored of-of the pass.

We were down in Invercargill for basketball I had the ball then got double teamed stopped my dribble and tried to spin out of it, i took like four steps but didn't get called for travel instead the called a foul so I got 2 free throws.

Against canterbury in league last year they kept lifting us and one person would tackle us onto our bellies and then someone else would spin you legs around and it would hurt but the ref wasn't calling it so our captain had to go up to the ref and talk to them about it.

This piece of writing shows that refs are not always right but after a game you should always go and thank them but if you think that they're a bad ref, at least they're giving it a go.

Here is a link. is this a bad call or a good call