Tuesday, 14 November 2017

my writing sample on referees cant always make the right call

Were in a game of basketball and were tied 27 27 the ref calls a foul but there was no foul then they got their 2 free throws in witch made it 29 27 then we dribbled down the court and my team mate got fouled and he took his free throws and he missed both but then miko got his own rebounds and then got fouled again then had another 2 shots and missed both of them. And this all happened because of one bad call.

In a game of league it was our game before the quarter finals even though we were already losing one of the other team's player through the ball like a meter forward and the they scored of-of the pass.

We were down in Invercargill for basketball I had the ball then got double teamed stopped my dribble and tried to spin out of it, i took like four steps but didn't get called for travel instead the called a foul so I got 2 free throws.

Against canterbury in league last year they kept lifting us and one person would tackle us onto our bellies and then someone else would spin you legs around and it would hurt but the ref wasn't calling it so our captain had to go up to the ref and talk to them about it.

This piece of writing shows that refs are not always right but after a game you should always go and thank them but if you think that they're a bad ref, at least they're giving it a go.

Here is a link. is this a bad call or a good call

Thursday, 19 October 2017

nuclear free priminister david lange

David russell lange he was born on the 4th of august 1942 he was the 32nd prime minister from 1984 to 1989 he was the prime minister at the age of 41 and his party was labour.

David lange was the prime minister that wanted to ban all nuclear powered anything like bombs and power or anything nuclear .

Lange joined the labour party in 1963 he was the youngest prime minister in the 20th century.

He has a quote : I can smell the uranium on your breath.

He was a well accomplished man with 4 kids being a prime minister and stopping anything nuclear .

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

haast road

Don't do it cost too much money and there's no point because you have to pay to drive on the road

As you see in the diagram we think that road should not be built because it could ruin the environment and plus people would the greenstone on the beach so we’ve decided that the road should be built but from Queenstown to Milford sound and also the road would cost more money from Haast to Milford and it would ruin the view if the road was built from Haast to  


Tuesday, 17 October 2017

my goals for this term - if you cant read it click on it

1985 rainbow warrior bombing

For this social studies event we had to write about the french government spies.

When it happened: 1985 July the 10th

What happened: in the Auckland harbor where Christine Cabon bombed the rainbow warrior boat  

how it happened:She flatted with green peace she said she wasn’t a spy and she wasn’t who she said she was a spy new Zealanders new her as Frederique bonlieu she stuck 2 bombs to the side of the ship when they were leaving the Auckland harbour one on the generator and one on the main engine

When they went diving and planted the bombs when they were finished they hid all their equipment

The were going to put bacteria in the fuel but then they didn't.

describing number patterns